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Inroble International has initiated a series of informational YouTube videos to provide their customers with knowledge on brake rotor safety and brake system specifications. The goal in creating these videos is so that Inroble customers have the information and tools they need to make informed decisions about their vehicles’ braking system.

The first video, Inroble International Episode 1: Brake Coating was released in August, 2018.


Inroble’s first episode, ‘Episode 1: Brake Coating’ has been placed on YouTube for your viewing pleasure under Inroble International’s YouTube channel. Please visit the link below to watch the video.

In this first Episode, Inroble compares the differences between standard coated, non-coated, and GEOMET coated replacement brake rotors. Inroble International highlights the benefits of having coating on your rotors, such as adding life longevity to the rotor, better appearance to the rotor, and also protection against early onset of corrosion.


There are many different types of coating in the automotive aftermarket, and different names for coated rotors. Some of the most common that you will see in the market are e-coating, anti-rust coating, GEOMET, or rust-proof coating.

The well-known GEOMET coated rotor provides customers with an environmentally friendly option. This coating is water-based, chromium free, and toxin free, and has the current longest record for salt testing versus other coating options. GEOMET protects your rotors from salt spray for a proven 480 hours, while the general e-coated rotor option will only hold off salt spray until around 120 hours.

E-coating is a type of coating for your rotor that is almost always a mixture of epoxy, paint or a water-based solution.


In Episode 1: Brake Coating, Inroble International proves the difference between a GEOMET coated rotor and a standard coated rotor, by using a tape test to show the durability and longevity of each option. In this test, Inroble International uses their Premium Plus GEOMET coated rotor against a standard coated rotor found in the automotive aftermarket.

Inroble International demonstrates how to find out of your rotor is in fact coated with GEOMET. To do this, they perform a simple tape test on each rotor. They first take a clean, freshly pulled piece of tape and place one on each of the rotors. The tape is then removed from both rotors and placed side-by side (as shown in video). The non-GEOMET rotor tape will have paint from the rotor surface on it, while the GEOMET coated rotor tape is perfectly clear and only has the grooves of the rotor showing on the tape surface. This shows customers that the GEOMET coated rotor is the superior option for their vehicle, as the GEOMET coating will stay on their rotor longer and the coated surface is not able to be removed easily.

Remember, these are only two of the many different coating options in the market. Stay tuned for more Inroble International Episodes to gain a better understanding of your braking system.


Inroble International manufactures brake rotors that are coated, with approximately 80% of their products having GEOMET coating on them. The Inroble International brake rotor replacement for OEM has a coated hat and edge, the Premium Plus, Ultra Plus and Super Plus rotors have GEOMET coating on all surfaces of the rotors. Inroble International products are coated to provide their customers the best quality options in the market. Coated brake rotors provide customers with a superior popduct that will last longer than the standard non-coated option.

Inroble International products are made with superior quality, performance, and dependability.

Inroble International Inc is a distributor of brake rotors and drums, pads and wheel bearings across North America. The company has been in operation since 1992 and distributes brake parts from a TS16949 accredited foundry and manufacturing facility, where only the most stringent quality control practices are in place and the most modern manufacturing methods are utilized.

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Superior Quality, Performance and Dependability