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Brake Pads

To accompany Inroble's line of quality Brake Rotors Inroble distributes a line of Semi Metallic and Premium Plus Brake pads. Manufactured to the same standards as our rotors, Inroble pads provide safe, consistent, noise-free performance under any condition. They are also quiet and low-dusting.

Premium Plus Brake Pads (Ceramic & European Formula)

They incorporate the following features:

  • Quite, Slotted and Chamfered
  • True Positive Mold (One press per brake pad)
  • Double layer OE Textured Rubber shims (Made in Sweden)
  • Application Specific Formulations
    • Domestic/Import = Ceramic
    • European vehicles = European Formula
  • Scorched to help bed-in and remove any uncured bonding agents on the brake pad
  • Hardware can be included for most applications

Inroble Semi Metallic pads also incorporate the following features: 

  • Integrally-molded construction
  • Slotted and chamfered configuration
  • Attached rubber shims
  • Inroble edge-coded to instill confidence
  • Shrink-wrapped to minimize damage during shipping



Superior Quality, Performance and Dependability