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Inroble International manufactures and distributes brake rotors, pads, and wheel bearings across North America. They provide their products with the utmost care and with a focus on quality. Their product line up includes replacement brake rotors and drums, brake pads, and wheel bearings.

Inroble International introduced their next tier of braking products, the Premium Plus Brake Rotors, into their product line up in 2013.The Premium Plus brake rotors were introduced to provide Inroble International customers with better quality options for their brake system replacement parts.

Inroble International places a strong focus on performance, durability, and dependability to create the best and most reliable brake rotor in the market.

The Premium Plus brake rotor is made to surpass OEM standards in material and finishing. Inroble International uses cast iron specification that is higher than the industry average. Inroble International also places a strong focus on the overall evenness off the rotor to create consistent smooth feel and strong, non-vibrational stopping power for their customers. Because of this, the defective rate of the rotor is lower than industry standard, making the Premium Plus Brake Rotor a superior option.

The Premium Plus brake rotors are fully coated in GEOMET. This coating is made of a layer of zinc and aluminum flakes. The layer of GEOMET performs as an anti-corrosion system that provides high performances without changing the braking characteristics. The GEOMET coating also gives longevity to the visual aspects of the rotor, and reduces the early onset of corrosion and wear.

Inroble International products come with a 2 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects and premature wear. If your Inroble International Premium Plus brake rotors wear out within this 2 year period, Inroble will provide you with all-new Premium Plus brake rotors as a replacement.

Premium Plus brake rotors are manufactured based on data Inroble International collects through versatility testing to create the utmost quality products. They are tested for performance, noise-free, and are ready to install on your vehicle.

Inroble International products are made with superior quality, performance, and dependability.

Inroble International Inc is a distributor of brake rotors and drums, pads and wheel bearings across North America. The company has been in operation since 1992 and distributes brake parts from a TS16949 accredited foundry and manufacturing facility, where only the most stringent quality control practices are in place and the most modern manufacturing methods are utilized.

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Superior Quality, Performance and Dependability