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Inroble International Inc was founded in 1992 in Concord, Ontario, Canada by President Raymond Chung. Over the past 26 years, Inroble International has grown to own and operate their own foundry and manufacturing and machining facility, warehousing facilities, and an expansive sales team.

Inroble International maintains their manufacturing facility in China. This facility is on over 70 acres of land and encompasses an exemplary standard of high-level quality control practices. The operation has grown to encompass over 500 fulltime employees. At this facility, Inroble maintains up-to-date manufacturing procedures to ensure that their customers are getting the best product, the best way.

Inroble International has been a trusted name in the market since their opening. They have now become a staple in the North American aftermarket brake parts market for high quality brake rotors, pads, and wheel bearings. They supply these product types for light vehicles to medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles across North America.

Inroble International Inc operates out of their head office in Concord, Ontario, Canada. This location is the main distribution area for North America, which also houses the sales and marketing team for the company. Inroble maintains warehouses and sales representation throughout Canada to ensure that their products are there for you when you need them.

In the beginning, Inroble International was created to introduce better quality products into the Canadian and North American market, giving customers access to the highest quality level options of replacement parts for their vehicles. Evolving with the market, Inroble now offers a wider range of products for everyday vehicles, and continually improves their replacement parts with better practices and better materials.

Inroble International has aimed to create replacement parts that are not just par to OEM specification, but succeed OEM specification brake rotors and pads.  Inroble International is able to provide these products with a promise of better quality and the top control in production.

For this reason, Inroble International products consistently meet the highest industry standards.

Since day one, Inroble has focused on quality, performance and dependability in their products.

Inroble International Inc is a distributor of brake rotors and drums, pads and wheel bearings across North America. The company has been in operation since 1992 and distributes brake parts from a TS16949 accredited foundry and manufacturing facility, where only the most stringent quality control practices are in place and the most modern manufacturing methods are utilized.

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Superior Quality, Performance and Dependability