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(Concord, ON) –

For 26 years Inroble International has been supplying brake rotors/drums, brake pads, and wheel bearings to the public as replacement parts for their everyday vehicles.

Inroble International has always placed strong focus on the quality, design, and performance of their products. This has brought them to the level where they are today - distributing across North America to provide their customers with better aftermarket options for their vehicles.

Their products cover all automotive vehicles – from light vehicles to medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles.

Over the past few years, Inroble International has changed with the changing market. They have introduced GEOMET coating on more brake rotor products, and they have also introduced brake pads into their product line up to allow more accessibility and more options for their customers.

Below is a current list of Inroble products in the automotive aftermarket as they are being distributed today.

Premium Brake Rotors and Drums

The Inroble International product line up begins with the Premium Brake Rotors and Brake Drums. These products have been improved over the past few years, with the most recognized upgrade – the GEOMET coated hat on the brake rotor – which have given them longevity and durability. The GEOMET coating is approved by OEM standards and reduces wear on the hat due to corrosion.

Premium Plus Brake Rotors

The Premium Plus Brake Rotor is the next level of brake rotor in Inroble International’s product line. It is a recognized as a top-quality product in the automotive aftermarket as it has GEOMET coating on the rotor hat, as well as on the surface of the rotor. The overall GEOMET coating provides a protective area of the rotor, reducing wear and making the rotor more resistant to salt corrosion.

Super Plus Brake Rotors

The Super Plus Brake Rotor is next in the product line and is special because it was designed and engineered in Canada. This rotor has cross drilling and slotting, making the product more targeted to light truck, SUV and performance vehicles. The slotting and drilling allow for brake dust removal and air flow, enhancing the braking capabilities of the rotor. This product is fully coated with the above mentioned GEOMET coating.

Ultra Plus Brake Rotors

Ultra Plus Brake Rotors are also fully coated with GEOMET specification coating. These brake rotors have cross-drilling on the rotors as well as slotting. The slotting extends the useful life of the rotors, and the cross-drilling allows for the removal of brake dust as mentioned above. This rotor is designed for SUVs, light trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles.

Ultra Plus Police Brake Rotors

Finally, the Ultra Plus Police Brake Rotor is very similar to the Ultra Plus, but these rotors are designed specifically for Police use and pursuit vehicles.


Inroble International Inc is a distributor of brake rotors and drums, pads and wheel bearings across North America. The company has been in operation since 1992 and distributes brake parts from a TS16949 accredited foundry and manufacturing facility, where only the most stringent quality control practices are in place and the most modern manufacturing methods are utilized.


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